Furr & Mankowitz

Royal portrait painter Christian Furr and legendary Rock & Roll photographer Gered Mankowitz collaborate in a merging of minds and methods.

The Collaboration

A very unique collection of the joint work of photographer Gered Mankowitz & artist Christian Furr.

After a friendship spanning more than a decade, Furr and Mankowitz have produced a collection merging both their considerable skill-sets. Meeting at Gered’s studio in Cornwall they selected the archive images which form the basis of these works, explored themes and agreed colour treatments. 

Gered produced the first prints in early 2017 and shipped them to Christian’s studio where he applied his painting style – adding colour and brushwork to express each subject’s nuances. The work merged naturally to inevitably form the stunning and colourful ’45RPM’ series

Each of the works are available in a limited edition of just 5 unique and individually hand-finished prints.